Ebook: Text Analytics for Market Intelligence 101. Healthcare and Pharma


Health and pharma companies have a good opportunity to leverage unstructured information. Text-based sources can be used to identify the costs of medical treatments, their efficiency (cost, benefits, and risks), references to drugs, side effects, patient experience, and more.

Marketing departments of pharma companies are among those who have the most to gain from analyzing text-based sources. This unstructured data can be processed to:

  • Uncover facts or opinions about drug properties, side effects, or interactions with other drugs
  • Compare drugs or treatments with those of competitor.
  • Analyze the reputations of the company, the brand, and their products and trigger reputation alarms.
  • Discover the most common demands for information.
  • Profile stakeholders: HCPs, patient associations, NGOs, regulators, etc.
  • Automatize compliance checking.
  • Assess and improve adherence.
  • Leverage drug shortages.
  • Detect prescription medication sharing.


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  • Text-based data sources for healthcare marketing intelligence
  • How to leverage value from text sources
  • Ten value-adding tasks that our semantic platform provides for the pharmaceutical and life sciences
  • Evidence costs money: Automating manual tasks is a must

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