Learn to develop custom text classifiers with MeaningCloud (webinar)

Learn in this webinar how to use MeaningCloud’s tools to create classification models completely adapted to your scenario

Users frequently ask us through our support line how to perform text classification according to application-specific taxonomies. For example, somebody needing to analyzing a bank’s contact center calls and open survey responses might be interested in classifying such messages according to the institution’s different types of products and services (deposits, loans, mortgages, etc.) or the type of interaction (request for information, contracting, complaint, etc.).

Custom classification

Our Text Classification API already incorporates a series of standard models for different fields (IPTC for news, IAB for targeted advertising, Social Media for social conversations, EuroVoc for public administration, etc.), but they obviously cannot cover the infinite variety of our customers’ usage scenarios. That is why it is essential to provide them with an easy way to develop their own models.

And that is where MeaningCloud’s customization tools become key. In particular, the tool for developing classification models enables you to create models that combine two technologies: machine learning and rule-based to achieve maximum development speed and accuracy in the classification process.

In the webinar we will hold on October 5th, we will show you the benefits of our approach and the development process, all this applying a real case.

Register for the webinar and learn how to customize your text classification!

UPDATE: this webinar has already taken place. See the recording here.

(Este webinar también se realizó en español, ver la grabación aquí.)

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