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What is the Voice of the Employee (VoE)?

Voice of the Employee. Silhouettes with bubbles representing dialog

Finding committed employees is one of the top priorities for public and private organizations. Voice of the Employee is essential in that sense. They collect, manage and systematically act on the employees’ feedback on a variety of valuable topics for the company.

The relationship between Engagement and Voice of the Employee is so similar than the existing one between Voice of the Customer and Customer Experience. VoC provides information to improve customer experience. Voice of the Employee promotes employees’ engagement. See: Voice of the Employee, Voice of Customer and NPS

The Voice of the Employee collects the needs, wishes, hopes, and preferences of the employees of a given company. The VoE takes into consideration specific needs, such as salaries, career, health, and retirement, as well as implied requirements to satisfy the employee and gain the respect of colleagues and managers.
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