Leverage Text Analytics to Boost your Market Intelligence (webinar)

Market Intelligence and Competitive Intelligence are essential for the survival and progress of companies. Nevertheless, to perform them with the essential quality- and speed-requirements  involves analyzing an extreme volume and variety of information sources: social comments, news, legislation, scientific articles, patents and various external websites.

Market IntelligenceIn many cases this requires a handcrafted process of manually reviewing content to extract the elements of information that really serve to make strategic decisions. A process that does not scale, is inefficient and expensive.

Deep text analysis allows us to optimize and accelerate the process, not only by detecting mentions of companies or brands and categorizing content thematically, but also by automatically extracting meaningful sematic relationships between topics, discovering new emerging issues and summarizing documents to make the use of that wealth of content faster and more efficient.

Sign up for our webinar on June 24th to discover how text analytics boosts your Market Intelligence, enabling it to automatically:

  • Increase business opportunities: detecting procurement solicitations from potential customers, identifying key purchasing criteria in a market.
  • Discover key developments in the competition, partners and the supply chain.
  • Detect relevant changes in technology and legislation.
  • Discover signs of growth in companies and market-moving information.

UPDATE: this webinar has already taken place. See the recording and all contents here: EnglishSpanish.


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