Automation Anywhere and MeaningCloud partner to make RPA smarter

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is one of the most innovative and active technology areas. Organizations of all kinds are freeing their workers from the most monotonous and repetitive tasks, using software robots instead, and allowing human employees to devote themselves to tasks where “real intelligence” is irreplaceable.
Automation AnywhereAnd according to customers and analysts Automation Anywhere is a leading provider in the field of RPA. It is a pleasure to announce that MeaningCloud and Automation Anywhere have entered into a partnership agreement that will enable their customers to accelerate their digital transformation.

The combination of RPA and deep semantic analysis will make software robots more intelligent and will enable to automate business processes that involve sophisticated treatments of unstructured information.
In addition, both companies will jointly pursue and develop business opportunities for their solutions. Bots based on MeaningCloud technology are now available at Automation Anywhere bot store to automate processes that will include functions such as the analysis of the Voice of the Customer or deep document analytics. Stay tuned to this channel for new announcements.

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