You can now integrate MeaningCloud with all kinds of applications using Zapier

New releaseWould you like to integrate MeaningCloud with all kinds of applications?

Be able to categorize your customers’ emails and send notifications in Slack depending on their theme?

To extract comments from Twitter and generate a spreadsheet in Google Sheets with the sentiment associated with the brands mentioned?

Now you can quickly generate these processes thanks to the new MeaningCloud integration for Zapier.

MeaningCloud + Zapier

Zapier allows you to connect web applications and automate workflows, moving information automatically between applications.

MeaningCloud ZapierMeaningCloud app (integration) makes available in Zapier a series of text analytics functions that enable to analyze unstructured content, automatically extract and use data from raw text, and make decisions within the workflows. These functions are:

  • Extract Topics
  • Classify Text
  • Analyze Sentiment
  • Identify Language
  • Categorize Text

If you are interested, in this post you can find a tutorial to learn how to develop zaps that use the MeaningCloud functions.

This new integration is also included for FREE with any MeaningCloud plan. Use it here.

Happy integrating!

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