Leverage deep text analytics to transform customer feedback into action (webinar)

Customer FeedbackOne of MeaningCloud’s goals is providing you with the best text analytics technology to help you better understand your customers and in recent times we have been launching products in this area: Voice of the Customer, Emotion Recognition, Intention Analysis.

But maybe you haven’t thought about how to use these products in a synergic way to analyze your customers’ feedback through surveys, contact center interactions and social media, and transform that feedback into action.

MeaningCloud’s offering in this field puts you in a privileged situation to understand the opinions, perceptions, emotions and intentions of your customers and level up your customer insights. MeaningCloud provides out-of-the-box a very wide range of analysis:

  • Analyze the emotional connection with your products.
  • Detect the intention in your customer’s journey.
  • Analyze multidimensional satisfaction and quality perception.
  • Discover brand associations and personality.
  • Develop perception maps to differentiate and position your offering.
  • Discover new, “off the radar” topics and themes.

If you want to learn more register for our webinar on Wednesday, April 29th at 9:00 AM PDT and discover how to transform customer feedback into action.

UPDATE: this webinar has already taken place. See the recording and all contents here: English, Spanish.

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