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People Analytics. Data and Text Analytics for Human Resources

People Analytics. Data and Text Analytics for Human Resources. This MeaningCloud book is available on Amazon.

In People Analytics, and in this book, we use the evidence that the data provides to respond to several questions:

  • Which candidate will be high-performing, effective, loyal, and aligned with the corporate culture?
  • How can we measure the economic impact of a training program?
  • How can I segment the workforce to make their actions more effective?
  • Which people are considering leaving the organization?
  • What net benefit will employees contribute throughout time in a particular position?
  • How does employee commitment affect productivity and economic outcomes?
  • How can I design a study that is statistically and mathematically valid?

The author, Eduardo Valencia, People Analytics manager at MeaningCloud, has worked in the area of analytics and data for quite a few years. Lately, he has been specializing in data for use in Human Resources departments. He has spent a lot of time doing consulting work and training others.

After working two years for its subsidiary in Spain, he just started working for MeaningCloud in New York.

Now, he also directs People Analytics Pro (, where they host a 140-hour Master’s program that teaches HR professionals to use data and analytics tools to make informed decisions that improve employee management in an organization. In other words, he helps prepare HR analysts.

The book was born from this experience. It’s also a practical tour of the most important points that are taught in the People Analytics Pro Master’s program.

We have more information at our disposal about tastes, opinions, and certain behaviors that could be very useful in making decisions about performance, salaries, turnover rate, leaves of absence, etc.

Accordingly, People Analytics processes that information through analysis tools that allow you to look at talent management decisions in a new way. People Analytics is based on data analysis as opposed to traditional methods of relationships or personal experiences.

People Analytics offers a unique opportunity for human capital professionals to position themselves as strategic senior management partners, using analytically proven techniques to hire and retain employees who drive higher value in companies.

The final part is dedicated to Text Analytics for Human Resources. The feedback that employees provide is extremely valuable for understanding strengths and weaknesses, and above all, areas where we can make a difference.

Did you know that 80% of business-relevant information is made up of text? This type of unstructured content is growing much faster than structured data. Think about the millions of words written every day on social networks, company forums, blogs, resumes, or comments in surveys.

There is a great opportunity for those who can leverage that type of data. For example, analyzing exit surveys and acting upon the results, will enable you to shorten recruiting time. It will streamline the hiring process or reduce absenteeism. You could also reduce the risk of possible litigation.

Is This Book for Me?

This book is aimed at professionals who have responsibilities over people and want to learn how data and analytics will help them make better decisions.

More specifically, it is aimed at:

  • Managers of organizations who want to learn how to extract more value from the data collected by the HR department.
  • HR leaders who wish to either incorporate analytics and data departments or acquire new techniques of value extraction using data.
  • HR pros who want to learn how to use people analytics in the daily tasks of their professional activity.
  • Data analytics pros even if they are not specialized in human resources.

It’s a fun book about People Analytics

Those who have read People Analytics also assure me that although it is close to 400 pages, they read it almost without stopping, because they found it so enjoyable.

People Analytics. Data and Text Analytics for Human Resources is available on Amazon.

The paperback edition will be soon available on Amazon.

About Eduardo Valencia

Data-driven by instinct and by learning. I began my career as a linguist. Some things stay with you to the grave. Since 1995, I have been leading teams and companies that have successfully developed and distributed hundreds of successful data, analytics and ICT projects.

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