A tailored sentiment analysis (recorded webinar)

Last May 4th we presented our webinar “An entirely tailored sentiment analysis using MeaningCloud”. Thank you all for your attendance.

After a brief introduction to MeaningCloud and the operation of its add-in for Excel, we developed a practical example of sentiment analysis in a specific domain (restaurant reviews) and showed how MeaningCloud’s customization tools can be used to improve the accuracy of the analysis:

  • By including attributes that are relevant to the domain and focusing the analysis around them, through the creation of personal dictionaries of entities and concepts.
  • By specifying the polarity of expressions in the domain depending on the context, thanks to the definition of personal sentiment models.

Together, these tools enable our users to be greatly autonomous in the customization of MeaningCloud and put the highest-quality sentiment analysis at everybody’s fingertips.

The data and models used in the example can be downloaded from this series of tutorials, that describe the process in detail.

For those of you who are interested, below you can find the webinar’s slides and recording.

(También presentamos este webinar en español. Tenéis la grabación aquí.)


Entirely Tailored Sentiment Analysis – MeaningCloud webinar from MeaningCloud on Vimeo.

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