Textalytics sponsors the Sentiment Analysis Symposium

Next March 5-6, New York will host a new edition of the Sentiment Analysis Symposium. This is the seventh event of a series organized by industry expert Seth Grimes since year 2010 in San Francisco and NYC.

This is a unique conference in several aspects. First, it is designed specifically to serve the community of professionals interested in Human Analytics and its business application. Second, its audience is integrated by a mix of experts, strategists, practitioners, researchers, and solution providers, which makes a perfect breeding ground for discussion and exchange of points of view. Third, it is designed by just one person (not by a committee), a guarantee of consistency. Being an expert in the consultancy business, Seth Grimes achieves an excellent balance of presentations covering from technology to business application. I attended the New York 2012 edition, where I gave an enlightening talk, and I can tell that the experience was really enriching.

Sentiment Analysis Symposium 2014

Do not be misled by the title: do not interpret “Sentiment Analysis” in a narrow sense. The conference is about discovering business value in opinions, emotions, and attitudes in social media, news, and enterprise feedback. Moreover, the scope is not limited to text sources: speech and image are terms of the equation too.

The 2014 Sentiment Analysis Symposium opens March 5 with groundbreaking Business and Technology workshops :

  • Insider’s Guide to Social Media Measurement
  • The Road to Customer Intelligence: Data, Analytics and Insight
  • Practical Sentiment Analysis Tutorial

Key topics that will be covered at the conference include:

  • Forecasting the Spread of Sentiments and Emotion in Social Media
  • Mapping Human Motivations to Move Product
  • Extracting Trading Signals from Investor Sentiment
  • Deriving Social ROI Through Enhanced Text Analytics in Real Time
  • Social Intelligence
  • Bleeding Edge NLP: Extract & Analyze Events, Relationships, Emotion, Intent & Identity
  • Automatic Facial Expression Recognition for Emotion-Aware Computing
  • Innovation in Emotion Recognition

At Daedalus (now called MeaningCloud), we recognize the quality and value of this conference, and we decided to sponsor the event with our brand Textalytics (now called “MeaningCloud”). The idea behind MeaningCloud (formerly known as Textalytics)  is extracting Meaning as a Service. From MeaningCloud, we provide cloud-based configurable APIs for natural language processing functionality:

  • Core APIs: one API call for each single process (sentiment analysis, extraction of entities, text classification, content moderation, etc.) Speech to text is also available, as well as auxiliary functions (e.g. linkage to open linked data).
  • Vertical APIs (Media Analysis, Semantic Publishing): one API call provides highly aggregated results, convenient for use in vertical markets (media industry, publishing industry, online marketing…)

To Sentiment Analysis and Beyond

For more information and to register, please visit http://sentimentsymposium.com. And if you want to save 20% in your registration, contact us at info@meaningcloud.com.

Meet us at SAS14, the Sentiment Analysis Symposium, in New York City, and follow @SentimentSymp.

As Buzz Lightyear would say:

You’ve got a friend in Textalytics!
To Sentiment Analysis… and beyond!

Jose C. Gonzalez (@jc_gonzalez)

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