Accelerate text analytics’ time-to-benefit with our Vertical Packs

At MeaningCloud we have published our first Vertical Packs.

Our goal for them is to provide you with the fastest and least costly and risky way to make your text analytics initiatives profitable.

Preconfigured models and dictionaries

Usually one of the main costs of text analytics projects lies in building the models and dictionaries needed to adapt the tools to each application scenario, and at MeaningCloud we have always made it very easy thanks to the customization tools that the product includes.

But for those who do not have the resources to carry out this adaptation, the Vertical Packs give it to you already prepared for a set of scenarios. The Packs consist of a series of pre-prepared resources (dictionaries, deep categorization models, and sentiment models) focused on a series of typical scenarios (analysis of the Voice of the Customer, the Voice of the Employee, etc.) ready for immediate use and that provide analyses with an increased precision, recall, and relevance in these applications.

Use them from our add-ins for Excel

To make it easier to leverage the Vertical Packs, we have made them accessible through new add-ins for Excel, with support for the most useful operations, models, and analysis in each vertical.

Add-in for Excel

If you work for Marketing, Customer Support, or Human Resources and have thousands of comments from your customers or employees to analyze, sign up to MeaningCloud, download the corresponding add-in for Excel, paste your verbatims in a spreadsheet, press the relevant MeaningCloud button, and you will see how your comments are automatically tagged with meaningful categories for the analysis of the Voice of the Customer or the Employee.

Currently available Packs

The first Vertical Packs that we have published are:

  • Voice of the Customer (VoC). A set of Deep Categorization models designed to easily analyze the unstructured feedback that clients provide through various channels (surveys, contact center interactions, social media, etc.), with both a general model and for several industries such as banking, insurance, and retail. The Pack also includes a specific Excel add-in. Demo, more information.
  • Voice of the Employee (VoE). Easily analyze the opinions, reviews, and comments of your employees in various situations (performance assessments, feedback on the organization, and exit interviews) using our pack of pre-prepared deep categorization models. The Pack also includes a specific Excel add-in. Demo, more information

Soon there will be Packs for our solutions in Healthcare (see demo) and other and industries.

Our Vertical Packs offer you the formula to make the success of your text analytics initiatives a click away.

Vertical Pack = Pre-prepared semantic resources (models / dictionaries) +
APIs that support them + Specific Add-in for Excel =
The fastest time-to-benefit in text analytics

Are you interested? Attend our webinar.

If you are interested in knowing how to leverage Vertical Packs in your business, we invite you to register in our webinar that will take place on Wednesday, December 20th.

We will present the VoC and VoE Packs and a practical case based on a scenario of Voice of the Customer analysis.

UPDATE: this webinar has already taken place. See the recording here.

(Este webinar se ofreció también en español. Ver la grabación aquí.)

Special offerLeverage our Packs now in really unique conditions

Our Vertical Packs are a premium product that will be charged in addition to the standard plans.

As a launch offer, and during the first three months, the VoC and VoE Packs are included at no additional cost in our Professional or higher plans.

And if you want to evaluate them, there’s no problem: you can access a free 30-day trial. To activate the trial, make a first call using any of the models to the Deep Categorization API, either directly or through the add-ins for Excel.

If you have any question or suggestion, do not hesitate to contact us at

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