Boost your text analytics accuracy with our customization tools (webinar)

Text analytics tools are extraordinarily valuable for extracting meaning from unstructured content, but the use of generic linguistic resources limits their accuracy. For instance, an automatic system will never identify a company’s products if these haven’t previously input into the tool’s dictionaries.

Text Analytics CustomizationThe inclusion of application-specific linguistic resources (dictionaries, models) allows these tools to reach high levels of precision and recall, but, in general, this is an expensive process that requires a deep proficiency in these technologies.

At MeaningCloud we aim at democratizing semantic analysis, putting it at every user’s and developer’s fingertips. This is why MeaningCloud features Customizer, a personalization engine based on graphical tools that enable users to create their own classification models and dictionaries in a simple, interactive way. Therefore, anybody needing, for example, to analyze comments about hotels in London can include the establishments, attributes and vocabulary used in this context.

Register for this free MeaningCloud webinar and discover in a practical way how Customizer tool empowers you to perform domain-oriented text analytics with total autonomy, flexibility and maximum accuracy.

UPDATE: this webinar has already passed. See the documentation and recording here:

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