Customize your text analytics tools (recorded webinar)

Last May 14th we presented our “Boost your text analytics accuracy” webinar.

We discussed why we need to customize text analytics processes -by including domain-based information- to improve the accuracy (precision, recall) of these tools. And we did a walk-through of MeaningCloud’s features to customize several of its functions:

  • Text classification
  • Information extraction
  • Sentiment analysis.

These customization tools feature graphical user interfaces and are very easy to use, thus empowering the users to adapt the system to their applicactions and putting high-quality text analytics at everybody’s fingertips. We are confident that these features, together, are unique in the industry and put MeaningCloud ahead of the competitors’ offerings.

For those of you interested, below you can find the webinar’s slides and recording.

(También presentamos este webinar en español. Tenéis la grabación aquí.)

MeaningCloud Webinar – Better Text Analytics Using Customization Tools from MeaningCloud on Vimeo.

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