You can now use MeaningCloud with RapidMiner

Expand text analytics with the tools to create the most sophisticated predictive models

At MeaningCloud, we have just launched a feature that enables users to incorporate our text analytics into complex predictive models based on structured data. With our new Extension for RapidMiner you can directly embed our semantic analysis engines into the process pipelines defined in this popular analytical tool.

RapidMiner is an open-source platform for data science, recognized as a leader in the field of advanced analytics tools. RapidMiner is used for preparing data, creating predictive models, validating them, and embedding them into business processes quickly and easily .

MeaningCloud Extension RapidMinerThe extension is one step closer to our vision of a plug-and-play model of MeaningCloud aimed at effortlessly integration into the most widespread software platforms and ecosystems. It joins our other integration features such as the add-in for Excel or the plug-in for GATE.

MeaningCloud’s extension creates a set of operators in RapidMiner that give access to some of the most frequently used functions of our product:

  • Topics Extraction
  • Text Classification
  • Sentiment Analysis
  • Lemmatization

Furthermore, it allows users to use personal dictionaries and models built with our customization tools, providing all RapidMiner users with the highest-quality text analytics.

In this way, we offer users a wide range of analytical possibilities that combine structured data and text, such as root cause analysis in surveys, fraud and churn prevention, lead scoring and targeting, segmentation, and people analytics.

The extension can be downloaded from RapidMiner’s Marketplace or the MeaningCloud website for free. To use it at no charge, create a free MeaningCloud account, get your key, install the extension in your RapidMiner Studio, and enter the key while you’re connected.

You can find more information on this page.

Discover it in this webinar

And if you want to see the extension for RapidMiner in action in a real-life scenario that combines structured data and text analytics, you can sign up for this webinar coming up on Thursday, April 27th.

UPDATE: this webinar has already taken place. See the recording here.

(Este webinar se ofreció también en español. Ver la grabación aquí.)

We hope you find this new MeaningCloud feature useful!

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