Predict the future with our Intention Analysis Pack

New releaseWho wouldn’t want to know what customers are going to do? Detecting if what they want is to become further informed, purchase a product, request assistance, complain, make a cancellation… and thus be able to offer them a personalized service that optimizes their experience.

Intentions along the Customer’s Journey

Our new Intention Analysis Vertical Pack enable us to identify a set of basic intentions throughout the customer journey: Information, Advice, Purchase, Support, Recommendation, Complaint, or Cancellation, based on expressions in interactions in the contact center, surveys or social conversations.

Use the new Intention Analysis Pack to

  • Detect leads in social media from interest and purchase signals
  • Automatically route and handle information and support requests in your contact center
  • Identify signs of dissatisfaction or cancellation to prevent and avoid churn

This Pack is implemented as a model on our Deep Categorization API, our tool for a totally accurate and granular text classification.

new Pack automatically detects and integrates your customers’ intention in all your decisions and processes, enabling you to provide an optimal experience.

Do you want to try our Intention Analysis Pack? Use our free one-month trial.

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