MeaningCloud – Meaning as a Service: our new SaaS offering

A few weeks ago we were talking on here about how Daedalus (now called MeaningCloud) has explored various API-based business models for marketing its semantic technologies. Our perception was that basic language features are hard to use for many developers —not experts in these technologies— and require them to build solutions through a process of trial and error, in a do-it-yourself fashion, which is slow and inefficient.

Our vision was to offer the market APIs with a more plug-and-play philosophy, which provide a functionality closer to the business, a faster learning curve and, as a result, an increased productivity. That vision has crystallized in our product Textalytics and today we can say that it is now available.

Textalytics is the easiest way to embed semantics into your applications

Textalytics (now called “MeaningCloud”) is a SaaS offering that provides a high-level multilingual semantic processing functionality to those developers / integrators who want to develop semantic solutions in an effective, quick and cheap way. Compared with other semantic offerings in service mode, MeaningCloud offers several APIs, each with a specific functionality which is close to an application domain, and SDKs, plug-ins, etc. that make its learning and use much easier, reducing the effort required to obtain results and time-to-market.

Textalytics - Meaning as a Service

To achieve this, MeaningCloud captures the know-how gained by Daedalus while helping customers in various industries and productizes it in the form of packaged functionality, optimized processing pipelines and specific linguistic resources for each scenario. As opposed to other semantic APIs with a do-it-yourself approach, MeaningCloud provides a more plug & play offering. Plus, it works in Spanish and other languages.

MeaningCloud is Meaning as a Service in two ways: first, it is a web service that extracts elements of meaning (opinions, facts, relationships) from all types of unstructured content. Second, and equally important, it packages and publishes that functionality in a way that is meaningful from the point of view of the business and the application scenario. MeaningCloud hides the technical difficulty and bridges the gap between semantic APIs and developers focused on their business, thus accelerating learning and increasing productivity.

MeaningCloud is already online and includes the following APIs:

  • A first version of the Media Analysis API (both social and traditional) including functionality for online presence monitoring and sentiment analysis. It will soon include functions for buying signals detection and reputation analysis.
  • A Core API with a more granular and horizontal functionality, for those users who want to develop more customized solutions.

In September 2013 we will be releasing the Semantic Publishing API (for media and publishers), which initially will include functionality for content tagging and enrichment.

In recent days we have been spreading the word about MeaningCloud, talking to the international media specialized in our industry and holding briefings with leading analysts. We will give you more news soon.

Please remember that using MeaningCloud is free. Do not forget to try our demonstrator and register here.

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