New MeaningCloud add-on for Google Sheets

Now you can use MeaningCloud’s text analytics without leaving your Google spreadsheet

New releaseDo you need to categorize verbatims of your customer surveys or analyze sentiment about your products on Twitter in the fastest and easiest way?

In that case, forget about learning new tools or having to program to connect to text analytics APIs.

The new MeaningCloud add-on for Google Sheets enables you to do semantic analysis from the comfort of your spreadsheet, without the need for programming or advanced analytical knowledge.

If you can use a spreadsheet you can already do text analytics

Simply paste the texts to analyze in a column of your Google spreadsheet, use the menu options of our add-on and the result of the analysis will appear as additional columns within the sheet, so you can use them in calculations, filters, aggregations and visualizations like any other structured data, in a user experience fully integrated into Google Sheets.

(Would you rather use Microsoft Excel? No problem. MeaningCloud also has an add-in for this product.)

The add-on for Google Sheets currently provides access to the following MeaningCloud functions, all of which can be configured by the user:

  • Topics Extraction: identifies appearances of named entities, abstract concepts, money amounts, and time and quantity expressions.
  • Text Classification: categorizes the text thematically, assigning one or several categories from a predefined taxonomy.
  • Sentiment Analysis: identifies the polarity both at the document level and at the aspect (entity or concept that appears in it) level.
  • Language Identification: identifies the language in which the text is written, from a list of more than 160.
  • Text Clustering: groups texts by similarity and discovers meaningful topics in a collection.

And, in addition, the add-on for Google Sheets is totally free.

This new integration adds to our add-in for Microsoft Excel, our extension for RapidMiner, our app for Zapier, and our plug-in for GATE to make MeaningCloud the easiest to integrate text analytics tool in the market.

Now you can analyze your texts from within your spreadsheet with MeaningCloud for Google Sheets!

And soon we will launch new integrations. Stay tuned to this channel.

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